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apprehensive at first but Keen to take up yoga! i find rachel to be a very positive and encouraging teacher, she explains everything in great detail  i was self conscience about attending a yoga class as i'm so in flexible, so i came across rachel's yoga classes,  her hands on approach sets her apart from other teachers around.

Alison B. UK

Rachel's classes are tough!! there's no doubt about that, but are so worth it, having been though a lot emotionally i have found yoga with rachel's guidance to comfort m and help me feel better within myself. i am physically & mentally stronger & more flexible, Rachel is a great ambassador for yoga.

Claudia G.  UK.

" This course was tough but going through was worth it! rachel is a great teacher trainer because she explains in details, encourages me and makes me challenge myself to be better everyday."

goma singapore

The teacher training course was an intensive & demanding one but under rachel's guidance i enjoyed learning lots of new things. Her support & encouragement made me become stronger both physically & mentally each day. i came out of my comfort zone, rachel is an awesome teacher.

sita singapore

I had no yoga experience before I came to Rachel's yoga training class. Even though the classes were tough, it was fun doing yoga with Rachel. . Her explaining and instructions was very nice.She is also very honest and help other people if in doubt. She is a best yoga teacher. 

Bina purja ,Singapura

The teacher's training course was very intensive and challenging but at the same time it was very exciting and interesting. Honestly I had little knowledge about yoga but under rachel's training and patient guidance, it was a marvellous journey for me. It not only made me strong physically but I felt at peace too. I gained lots of knowledge through yoga and it helped me built confidence in myself. I always looked forward to her classes and would love to attend her classes in the future. Rachel is truly an amazing and wonderful teacher. 

Rajni Singapore

" Training with Rachel needs great physical and mental strength, she is absolutely a great trainer and knows every person's ability at a glance and pushes her student to the best of their ability. She is a great motivator and 4 hours a day training runs without yawn and boredom. Her punctuality is another best part. Truly an amazing yoga teacher"

jyoti singapore

Having trained under Rachel was really an intensive,tough and challenging course though I thoroughly enjoyed and learned many things from her. She is an amazing teacher,very experienced and inspiring one. She has given me a greater view towards the yoga. I truly admire her knowledge,her strength and passions towards the yoga. I am honored to be her student.

pippa singapore

when I learn yoga from rachel , it was more interesting and the hrs we learn was so much short . Each and Everyday we had new experiences and bonding between yogis with her was more comfortable.. love her style, voice , supportive and encouraging. Bless to have a teacher like her๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

prativa singapore